Leather Shot Bags & Accouterments for the French & Indian War.

Leather Shot Bags & Accouterments for the French & Indian War.
Welcome to my Blog! My name is Darrel Lang and I specialize in the Replication of Leather shot bags & Accouterments made in the colonies by the harness and saddle maker of the18th century. All items are hand sewn using waxed linen thread, dyed, then treated with neatsfoot oil & bee’s wax. The leather used is of veg. tanned cow hide 2-3 or 4-5 oz. weight. Other materials used are pig skin, period correct linens for the 18th century and iron or brass buckles. Please take a look at what I have to offer. Thank you!

What's in my bag

There are not a lot of surviving examples of shot bags from the early 1700 to look at and any research shows that the shot bags of the time were on the small size.
So I decided to make myself a small size bag and show what I can carry in that bag.
I also use a belt bag in which I carry lose ball and patching or paper cartridge, if shooting shot I will remove my shot from the bag along with my wading and place it in my belt bag. All of my loading is done from my belt bag. Also in the bag is a small turn screw and a extra flint.

 Here is the bag with all of it's contents.

Carried in the front pocket is a small pouch that holds shot card, flints, and my hunting tags.

Small copper tin with a oil rag, two wooden picks used to plug the vent hole, two different tow worms, and a bottom scraper. Also a turn screw.

Small bag of tow, a small striker and a large musket flint. The striker can be used for two things, one starting fires the other, sliding the center hole down over your ramrod to help remove it if stuck.

Attached to the bag strap is a pick & brush set,
attached to the horn is the powder measure.
Carried in the bag is a small brass primmer.

Cow's knee is now carried on the back of the bag instead of inside.

Here is my bag next to a bag that I just come pleated. My bag is 6" wide by 7" deep with the front pocket of 4" wide by 3" deep the other is 8" wide by 9" deep and a large double pocket. Everyone has there own ideas of what they need to carry in order to maintain and fire there fowler or rifle. Now if I didn't use the belt bag I would need a little bigger bag.
Then again if I was to carry only what is needed in a common man's  bag for the 1700 it would be just the right size. For all I would need is the turn screw and a few flints a hand full of balls and the small bag of tow and the spring type tow worm, nothing more.

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