Leather Shot Bags & Accouterments for the French & Indian War.

Leather Shot Bags & Accouterments for the French & Indian War.
Welcome to my Blog! My name is Darrel Lang and I specialize in the Replication of Leather shot bags & Accouterments made in the colonies by the harness and saddle maker of the18th century. All items are hand sewn using waxed linen thread, dyed, then treated with neatsfoot oil & bee’s wax. The leather used is of veg. tanned cow hide 2-3 or 4-5 oz. weight. Other materials used are pig skin, period correct linens for the 18th century and iron or brass buckles. Please take a look at what I have to offer. Thank you!

January 24, 2017

Knife Sheaths

I received another order for six more sheaths from Kyle Willyard of Old Dominion Forge. Kyle is a master blade smith and turns out some of the nicest long knives out there. He placed an order for sheaths last year and again this year so he has them to sell along with his knives.
If you would like to see his work you can go to   http://www.olddominionforge.com/
If you are interested in having me make a sheath for a knife, you can send the knife to me and I would be glad to make and fit it to the sheath.

January 11, 2017

Leather covered Flask

This is a nicely made copper flask that is tinned lined, (maker unknown) no leaks. I bought the flask and added the leather cover to it. The leather cover is made from 3oz. veg. tanned leather, hand stitch with waxed linen thread. Hand tooled and dyed a dark brown, treated with neats-foot oil and bee's wax.
This will make a great pocket flask and it's small enough to tuck away in your pack. (3" wide by 4" tall by 1 1/2" )

January 6, 2017

Lyman Pouch

With everyone trying there hand in making the Lemuel Lyman Pouch, I thought I would give one a try. I used the size of 7" by 5" and the basic shape of the bag then adding a few changes to it. The bag is of one piece construction, flap, back and front of the bag is from one piece of 4oz. veg. tanned leather with a center divider made from same leather used as the welt also. The side seam is hand stitched with waxed linen thread then burnished to give it a nice finished look. The flap edge has been burnished as well with a aged button to hold it in place. The original had two fixed belt loops on the back of the bag, I chose to use a full piece of leather, double stitched top and bottom for strength. Will take up to a 2 3/4" belt.
The bag is dyed a dark brown treated with neats foot oil and bee's wax.