Leather Shot Bags & Accouterments for the French & Indian War.

Leather Shot Bags & Accouterments for the French & Indian War.
Welcome to my Blog! My name is Darrel Lang and I specialize in the Replication of Leather shot bags & Accouterments made in the colonies by the harness and saddle maker of the18th century. All items are hand sewn using waxed linen thread, dyed, then treated with neatsfoot oil & bee’s wax. The leather used is of veg. tanned cow hide 2-3 or 4-5 oz. weight. Other materials used are pig skin, period correct linens for the 18th century and iron or brass buckles. Please take a look at what I have to offer. Thank you!

May 28, 2020

Ranger Limber Jack

This is my hand made Limber Jack made in the dress of a early ranger. He was made for me by a gentleman named Joe Lee a very long time a go. He put a lot of detail in the different ones that he made. Joe also did some of the illustrations for some of the early sketch books.
The grandkids have played with him over the years. It’s sad that I have no rhythm and so my ranger can’t keep a beat either, but in someone else’s hand he can dance a jig.

May 27, 2020

Customer Order

The items where sent to me so I could make up the knife sheath, cover the canteen & add a strap, and make up the carriage for the ax.