Leather Shot Bags & Accouterments for the French & Indian War.

Leather Shot Bags & Accouterments for the French & Indian War.
Welcome to my Blog! My name is Darrel Lang and I specialize in the Replication of Leather shot bags & Accouterments made in the colonies by the harness and saddle maker of the18th century. All items are hand sewn using waxed linen thread, dyed, then treated with neatsfoot oil & bee’s wax. The leather used is of veg. tanned cow hide 2-3 or 4-5 oz. weight. Other materials used are pig skin, period correct linens for the 18th century and iron or brass buckles. Please take a look at what I have to offer. Thank you!

December 23, 2020

Season Greetings


Merry Christmas to everyone! Enjoy this holiday season with your family and friends and please stay safe.

December 18, 2020

My Brother

 This past Wednesday my older brother Duane pass away due to medical issues.
I will miss him, he was the one who taught me how to enjoy and respect the outdoors.
He was a avid hunter and fisherman, and he had a passion for pheasant hunting that never died. He grew up going with dad and his older brother to the thumb of Michigan on October 20 for opening day of the season, which happened to be his birthday. He loved his dogs, raising and train three of the best bird dogs around. When ever he would reminisce about those days you could see the passion in his eyes and a smile return to his face.

Now he is in a better place, walking the fields of god with his old 12ga. Lafever and saying get ready dad, there on point again!
Thank you Brother for all that you did for me.  
Rest In Peace!

November 26, 2020

                                                       Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

                                                   Enjoy your day with family and be safe.

November 21, 2020

Deer Camp 2020

I was really looking forward to deer camp! 2020 has been a crazy year and being able to camp and hunt is what a person needed. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate. The night before the season opener the rain started along with some wind, no problem, until the lighting started. I didn't think being camped under three rather large oak trees was the safest place to be. I got up and moved to a safer place. In the morning I helped with the tracking of a buck taken by another member that was hunting. After that the heavy rain and high winds move in and I spent the rest of the day trying to stay dry and to keep my tent on the ground. Eventually Mother Nature won and I decided to pull up what was left of the stakes in the ground and go home and return another day.  


November 13, 2020

Updating Belt Bag for Hunting

 I made up this block to place in my belt bag for my cartridges that I made for hunting. Will see how it works.

Powder Horn Strap

 Completed leather powder horn strap. 3/4” wide tapering to 1/2” finished up with iron D-rings and a iron buckle.

Customer order.

Axe Carriage/Sheath


Shot Bag #70


November 4, 2020

Customer Belt Bag


Father & Son Belt Bags


A finished order for a father and son.  A belt bag and  belt for the son and a bag for dad. The bags are made from the same pattern, To make them a little different I lined the inside of the flap with a blue pattern and the other is grey.
I also dyed one a little lighter in color then the other.

August 4, 2020

Axe & Carriage

Shot Bag #69

A simple but well made bag to hold up under the everyday use in the field.
The bag is made from 2/3 oz. veg, tanned leather, hand stitched and dyed, treated with nests-foot oil and bee's wax.
The bag size is 7" wide at the opening tapering out to 7 1/2" at the bottom and 8 1/2" deep. It has a 1 1/2" gusset tapering up the sides to the top of the bag. Medium size inside pocket. Strap is 1" wide fitted with a iron buckle and the flap is button down.
A great size bag for either rifle or fowler!

July 6, 2020

Fowler Bag #68

Bag number 68 was made for a customer who was looking for a shot bag to go along with his New England Fowler. He is from the New England states and is a avid turkey hunter looking to starting hunting with a flintlock.
The bag is 7 1/2' wide at the opening and almost 8" deep plenty of room for what ever he will need for his hunting.There is also a small inside pocket.

June 2, 2020

Spring Turkey, 2020

The spring turkey season for 2020 was a tough season for sure.  On the last day of my permit, I was able to take a nice Jake.
I enjoyed everyday, and was thankful that I was able to hunt this spring in spite of, all that was going on. 

May 28, 2020

Ranger Limber Jack

This is my hand made Limber Jack made in the dress of a early ranger. He was made for me by a gentleman named Joe Lee a very long time a go. He put a lot of detail in the different ones that he made. Joe also did some of the illustrations for some of the early sketch books.
The grandkids have played with him over the years. It’s sad that I have no rhythm and so my ranger can’t keep a beat either, but in someone else’s hand he can dance a jig.

May 27, 2020

Customer Order

The items where sent to me so I could make up the knife sheath, cover the canteen & add a strap, and make up the carriage for the ax.

April 29, 2020

Shot Bag #67 & Powder Horn

Here is a shot bag and horn that were made to be together.
This is a well made but simple shot bag that was common to find hanging for trade or sale in any gunsmith, cobble or harness makers shop in the 18th century.
The bag is made from 2/3 oz. veg. tanned leather, handed stitched with welted seams. The bag size is 6 ¼” at the opening and  7” at its widest point, and 7 1/2’ deep.
The opening of the bag as well as the rolled edge of the flap is trimmed in pigskin. The backside of the flap is lined in natural linen and held closed with a tab and button.
There is a small inside pocket,  4” by 3”
The strap is cut from 5/6oz. veg. tanned leather and fitted out with a hand forged Iron buckle.
The bag and strap is dyed brown and treated with neat’s-foot oil and bee’s wax to complete the bag.
The powder horn is also simple, light in color, measuring 14 ½” around the outside curve and 3 ¼” across the butt and is air tight. The strap is made of a heavy cow hide and dyed a dark brown and held in place with two iron staples.